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At Studies In Work we are an independent organisation twenty years old, delivering Health & Safety training consultancy in the working environment. During those twenty years we have delivered training & consultancy throughout mainland UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, USA, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Falkland Islands and the Channel Islands. Our latest course is proving rather successful throughout the UK, based on asbestos training, click Here for further information.


To ensure compliance with COSHH Regs, lead body guidance and British Standards, all pools and spas accessible by your employees and the public should be micro-biologically tested on a regular basis.


The guidance states:

• Conventional swimming pools should be tested monthly.
• Hydrotherapy pools weekly.
• Spas, hot tubs, monthly plus a test for Legionella every third month



 Up and coming Pool & Spa Plant Operators training courses with CPD points

Shrewsbury two day pool and spa plant operators course 27th and 28th November 2017. Revalidation delegates to attend second day only

Gloucester, two  day November 14th & 15th 2017  . Revalidation delegates to attend second day only

Cornwall, Jan/Feb 2018 Three day course inc. Legionnaires disease (with separate certification). Contact Helena of RG Pools on 01579 340200.  Revalidation delegates to attend  second day only.

Sittingbourne Kent Spring 2018 two day. Revalidation delegates to attend second day only

Wokingham Spring 2018 one day  introductory and revalidation

East Sussex Spring 2018 one and two day courses. Revalidation delegates to attend second day only

To organise your own courses Pool Plant Ops,  Pool & Spa Plant Ops, COSHH & risk assessment etc, contact Allen on 07885 615547 or info:studiesinwork.co.uk

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