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At Studies In Work we are an independent organisation twenty years old, delivering Health & Safety training consultancy in the working environment. During those twenty years we have delivered training & consultancy throughout mainland UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, USA, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan, Falkland Islands and the Channel Islands. Our latest course is proving rather successful throughout the UK, based on asbestos training, click here for further information.

Consultancy Projects

Consultancy projects from Studies In Work are carried out primarily by Allen J Wilson who is Health & Safety and Management qualified.

Projects Include:

  • Accident Investigation in Hotels and swimming pools and spas in Europe. Read more…


Areas of Specialisation

One of the areas of specialisation is the safe operation of swimming Pool and Spa Plant.

  • Lecturers used by Studies In Work are Management & H&S qualified
  • Studies In Work are public liability and professional indemnity insured.
  • Studies In Work deliver lead body training for ISPE


PWTAG trying to ‘force’ ISPE into becoming accredited by them

Back in December 2017, whilst reading through PWTAG’s new publication, I noticed two items that I felt were definitely outside PWTAG’s remit. On page 3 they stated, ‘Swimming Pool Water is considered to be the authoritative guidance for swimming pools in a court of law.’  I personally am unsure if this is the case, or is it just PWTAG’s opinion.

On page 33 they stated, ‘Training should be suitable and sufficient and should be accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG)’.

Pool Standard Operating Procedures PSOPS
Let Studies in Work take the strain and write your PSOPs, ensuring compliance with current requirements.

COSHH Assessments
Let Studies In Work write not just your COSHH assessment but simplified  information sheets on the storage use and handling of substances, includes bacteria that may be generated on site.

Delapidation Surveys
Many pools and plant rooms have now reached the end of their working life and are due (or commonly overdue) for refurbishment. Studies In Work will carry out an independent, unbiased survey on your behalf and provide a written report of what needs replacing, what can be repaired, and estimate the working life left in an item or process. They will also provide provisional costings for these works. Studies In Work are able to write specifications and if required, supervise the installation in its entirety.

A list of referees is available on request.

Studies In Work are public liability and professional indemnity insured.

Also available!

  • Accident and Incident Investigation
  • Bacteriological testing
  • Legionnaires temperature check, descaling and disinfection
  • Help line for pool and spa operators

micro-biological testing



To ensure compliance with COSHH regulations, Lead Body Guidance and British Standards, all pools and spa’s accessible by your employees and the public should be micro-biologically tested on a regular basis.

The guidance states that conventional pools should be tested monthly, hydrotheraphy pools weekly, and spas and hot tubs monthly plus a test for Legionella every third month.

Slide Testing in Mexico!

Why we must microbiolocically test our water

Blast from the Past


Did you know?

Any non-domestic premises, building, factory, sports clubs, schools, etc. built or refurbished before the year 2000 may contain asbestos which is one of the most lethal dangers in the workplace.

Every year there are still 4,000 deaths from asbestos related diseases.

This represents 80 people a week, a higher figure than those dying on our roads. It is a common misconception that asbestos was something that used to be a threat in industry.

What have we been up to?


Local clubs and people with assistance in sponsoring have helped.


Studies in Work has been in the National press on several occations.


Where we started
and where
we are today

Revalidate your Pool/Spa Plant Operations Certification by distance learning today!

No longer is there a need to take a day off work and travel long distances to revalidate any authentic Pool/Spa Plant Opearations Certificate.

Just send a scan of your original certification and a payment of only
£80.00 + Vat (£96.00)

  • ideally by PayPal to [email protected]
  • cheque to Studies in Work, 90 Tuffley Crescent, Gloucester, GL15NE

Covers the following:

  •  Types of pollution & control methods
  • Waterborne infections including Legionnaires, Crypto and Giardia
  • Circulation systems and spa pools
  • Filtration, Flocculation & Backwashing
  • Heating, verntilation, electricity & energy use
  • The importance of pH control
  • The effect of unbalanced water
  • Disinfecting substances
  • Chlorination
  • Testing, reading, recording and reacting
  • COSHH, PPE, RPES & other H&S
  • Open-book, multiple choice examination

ISPE endorsed Pool Plant Operator’s course in Cricklade, nr Swindon.

Date: 2nd & 3rd October 2018

Two day course only £220.00 +VAT

Those wishing to revalidate an existing qualification need only attend day two at a cost of £120.00 + VAT

For more details and to book places, please contact Allen on 07885 615547 or by email at [email protected]

ISPE endorsed Pool Plant Operator’s course in Canterbury Kent.

Date: 9th and 10th October 2018

Two day course only £220.00 +VAT

Those wishing to revalidate an existing qualification need only attend day two at a cost of £120.00 + VAT

For more details and to book places, please contact Allen on 07885 615547 or by email at [email protected]

ISPE endorsed 2 day PPO Course at Merefield School, Westminster Drive, Southport, PR8 2QZ

Date: 22nd and 23rd October 2018

Deliverer: Steve Burke MISPE

Contact details: (M) 07836 555588

Day one
Sources of pollution and control methods
Waterborne diseases inc: Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Legionnaires,               Acanthamoeba, Pseudomonas folliculitis, etc.
Changing and shower room infections: Verrucas, Molluscum contagiosum,         athletes foot
Circulation systems and Filtration, flocculation and backwashing
Heating ventilation & electricity
Pool & plant visit
Day two
The control of pH
Balancing water to ensure it is neither corrosive, erosive or scale forming
Disinfecting systems including UV & Ozone
Water testing: reading, recording & reacting to results
COSHH and other H&S matters

Multi-choice, open book examination


All delegates will receive comprehensive manual plus access to a free help line for the  duration of their certificate
For more information, join the 175,000 recent visitors
The HSE recently stated:
Training does not have to be PWTAG accredited.
So get the best, Get ISPE endorsed training!!

To organise your own courses

risk assessment etc.

Contact Allen on
07885 615547
[email protected]

25TH AUGUST 2018


An Egyptian hotel where Thomas Cook customer couple died has been sued by FORTY Brits struck down with illnesses in just four years.

John Cooper, 69, and his 64-year-old wife Susan, from Burnley, died at the Steigenberger Aqua Magic hotel in Hurghada on Egypt’s Red Sea coast on Tuesday, 21st August 2018.

Health and safety expert Allen Wilson when interviewed by The Sun said words to the ffect of: “Sadly this was an accident waiting to happen. In many cases instead of using experts like myself tour operators have now been using local reps to manage health and safety.

Allen says; “Until about four years ago, two vastly experienced safety consultants and  myself (also vastly experienced) carried out many inspections of new and old facilities throughout Europe, North Africa, Egypt, Turkey and Greece ensuring that facilities were safe and fit for  purpose. We also carried out inspections  following fatalities. Then for reasons unknown we were not commissioned to carry out any further inspections, perhaps to make  savings, I don’t know”.