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Allen Wilson is the pool Health & Safety consultant of choice, Now joining those using Allen’s expertise is Angela Rippon in her popular show, Holiday Hit Squad.

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THE SUN Article: WATER in the Princess Diana memorial fountain is STILL a major health threat

Bacteria levels are 100 times above recommended limits. Some bugs found can cause diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, meningitis and septicaemia. Anyone who accidentally swallows a few drops or gets water in cuts or in their eyes could fall sick.
Yet just ONE teaspoonful of bleach may cure the problem. The expert who carried out tests for The Sun described the findings as “very disturbing”.

Allen Wilson, an international authority on pool and water safety, said bacteria will soar in spring and summer temperatures. He warned: “Do not enter this facility.” He said the fountain in London’s Hyde Park, developed at a cost of £5.2million, should be drained until effective water cleansing measures are in place.

When the memorial opened in July 2004, our tests revealed a potentially lethal cocktail of bugs like E.coli, streptococci, pseudomonas bacteria and coliforms. Shockingly, our checks this week revealed bacteria levels more than 100 times above World Health Organisation limits. Contamination is blamed partly on animal pollution such as squirrel droppings and rat urine. But litter and visitors ignoring signs which discourage paddling make it worse.

Allen warned: “At this level you have a very serious problem.“Very low levels of chlorine, probably just a teaspoonful of bleach, will control this threat to health.”The Royal Parks Agency spends around £200,000 a year maintaining the fountain. Officials say chlorinating and bleach would upset the water’s natural balance.


THE SUN Article: 32 ways a summer holiday can kill you

Allen featured in a SUN article edited by JANE SYMONS. Quotes used from Allen in the article included: “I could probably find fault in 19 out of 20 pools in holiday resorts.”

“The water should be bright and attractive.

“There have been many documented cases of children becoming trapped by water outlets.”

“Slots in pool bottom outlet covers should not be any larger than 8mm and covers should be firmly attached. If they aren’t, complain!”


THE SUN Article: Diana’s lethal fountain

Another shock article from the SUN revealed that the water in the Princess Diana memorial fountain is so infested with bacteria it poses a serious health risk and that one sample taken from the troubled £3.6million Hyde Park fountain was contaminated with 840 times the acceptable level of bugs.

Allen Wilson, quoted as the SUNS’s international authority on pool and water safety, said: “If the fountain wasn’t already closed, these results would shut it down immediately”.

Apparently the tests were taken just two days after the memorial had been emptied and cleaned, while the following day the fountain had been closed anyway because visitors to the park were slipping on algae growing on the granite surface.


NEWS OF THE WORLD Article: We find water rides at Britain’s top theme parks are infested with deadly bacteria

A News of the World investigation revealed ‘shock levels of killer bugs in the water which drenches millions who flock to log flume and river rides at tourist attractions across the country’.

Allen Wilson was quoted as the News of the World leading water expert saying “No one should be exposed to these levels of bacteria. The water is going all over people so it must be treated the same as in swimming pools.”

Allen helped the News of the World investigators take samples at each site, and was quoted as saying about one site “This water is unacceptably high in bacteria. It appears to be sourced from a river.”

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