Safe disinfection of woggles, floats, armbands & pool covers

Code of practise for safe disinfection of woggles, floats, armbands & pool covers etc.

Recent research has indicated that the above can become ideal breeding ground for bacteria such as Pseudomonas and be the cause of other problems such as Molluscum contagiosum.

The following procedure is advocated on a regular basis with the pool out of use.

  • Raise the level of chlorine to an approximate value of 10 mgl (ppm).
  • When using Calcium Hypochlorite 300 grammes will give approx 10 mgl in every 20m3 of water.
  • If using Sodium Hypochlorite 1.5 litres will give approx 10 mgl in every 20m3 of water.
  • This should be added as a solution whilst wearing the appropriate items of personal protective equipment, e.g. face mask with respirator, rubber gloves and pvc apron.
  • The easiest and safest method is too use a pre-rinsed plastic watering can and dissolve the calcium hypochlorite granules into this and broadcast it evenly over pool. Rinse out watering can after use.
  • Sweep bottom of pool exercising special care around steps, grating and inlets. This will break up biofilms (coatings that nurture bacteria) and allow the chlorine to aggressively disinfect.
  • Brush pool copings with chlorinated water from pools.
  • Whilst wearing above PPEs dunk all woggles, floats etc into water and leave in pool. Plus other items that may be used in pools such as canoes, etc. Ideally all of these should be in a clean condition prior to this treatment as excessively contaminated equipment could overcome even this level of disinfectant.
  • Pull cover over pool and using broom or similar ensure all underside of cover is wetted by solution.
  • Remove and store PPES correctly, Report any faults to line manager.
  • Leave overnight.
  • Following day remove cover. Rinse off woggles etc with fresh water.
  • Record actions

Note: In pools being monitored by Studies In Work we will now be using a bio luminescent tester. This allows immediate indication of hygiene levels on pool covers, woggles, pool water etc.


Wilson’s Pool & Spa Plant Operators Handbook. Click below for further info…


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