SIW – Asbestos seminar

Course aims:

With the new regulation, Control Asbestos Regs 2007 identifying that 10 persons die each day from asbestosis and that four million workers are still at risk from the substance this session is designed to raise awareness of the issues in the workplace.

Course covers:

• What is asbestos
• History
• The law
• Installations that present a risk
• Assessing the risk
• Control measures: frequency & action: what we should be doing
• The Duty holder and the responsible person
• Monitoring and recording
• Building inspection

Costs £250.00 each course (£400.00 for two on same day) + £20.00 per delegate plus incurred travel expenses + VAT
Half day courses and seminars may be mixed and matched on the same day, e.g. morning Legiuonnaires. afternoon, steps and ladders, etc..

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