SIW – Legionnaires Disease Awareness

Course aims

To develop the knowledge and skills to recognise environments where the Legionella bacterium will thrive and multiply. Who will be exposed and the steps to minimise this hazard.


• What is Legionnaires
• History
• The law
• Installations that present a risk
• Assessing the risk
• Control measures: frequency & action: what we should be doing
• Monitoring and recording

This course is limited to ten delegates

Course duration:
Half day

Examination is by the student demonstrating their competence in areas covered
Student entry cost £10.00 + VAT
Certification of participation is by Studies In Work

Costs £250.00 each course (£400.00 for two on same day) + £20.00 per delegate plus incurred travel expenses + VAT
Half day courses and seminars may be mixed and matched on the same day, e.g. morning Legiuonnaires. afternoon, steps and ladders, etc..

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