Course name: Risk Assessment Principles & Practice (Swimming Pools)


A level two qualification








Employers need to ensure that individuals carrying out risk assessment are competent to do so.
Competency does not necessarily require particular qualifications but involves a combination of knowledge, experience, skills and personal qualities.

A necessary pre-cursor is that they have adequate knowledge and understanding of the principles and procedures for, carrying out risk assessments in the swimming pool environment.



  • General introduction
  • Principles of Risk Assessment
  • Legislations
  • Risk Assessment in Practice
  • Summary


Successful completion of the training programme, assignment and self-evaluation will enable candidates to:

  • Contribute to the risk assessment programmes in this specialised area
  • Conduct risk assessments (assuming they have the necessary technical knowledge in relation to activities/issues/environment being assessed.
  • Organise and implement a risk assessment programme in a swimming pool
  • Participate in the identification of specific training needs for the activities being assessed.
  • Assist employers in meeting legal requirements.
  • Promote improved standards of health & safety within their organisation.


The course concludes with an assignment and self evaluation.


One day


Costs £400 + £40.00 per delegate plus incurred travel expenses + VAT


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